UNIDO Cleantech Competition Awards Ceremony in Pakistan

Founder Editor Tazeen Akhtar..

Islamabad, Pakistan. Mr. Ghulam MurtazaJatoi, Federal Minister for Industries and Production,inauguratedUNIDO Cleantech awards distribution ceremony that was held in Islamabad, today. The Minister handed over prizes to five winners. The awards were distributed under Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP-Pak) which is implemented in cooperation with PCST, NPO, PIM and funded by GEF.

This year, the programme has supported fifty-five SMEs and Startups in Pakistan through a programme of extensive mentoring, training, access to investors and opportunities to showcase their innovations.  Winners were given prizes ranging from US$ 20,000 and US$ 15,000 (3 Prizes) and one prize of US$ 15,000 for most promising woman-led business, plus all winners will be given mentorship and training in Silicon Valley, USA.

Speaking on the occasion the Minister stressed that importance of Technology esp. clean technology in this highly globalized world and the efforts which the government is doing for the promotion and advancement of Technology and industrialization. The Minister specifically highlighted the role of the UNIDO and its partners in arranging this competition, which will promote entrepreneurship as well as will provide the solutions to the energy shortage in Pakistan. The Minister also reiterated commitment made by the Government of Pakistan for adopting the Sustainable Development Goals specifically SDG Goal 9, to promote Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization and Foster Innovation.

The Chairman of PCST, Prof. Dr. Anwar ul Hassan Gilani, described the role of PCST in fostering entrepreneurship development in Pakistan particularly in clean technologies and in execution of the Cleantech competition. He also reiterated their possible role in becoming a hub of activities for National Cleantech Platform and expressed his keen interest to work with UNIDO in future.

The UNIDO Representative to Pakistan, Mr. Esam Alqararah, addressing the ceremony, shared the UNIDO’s vision for energy and environment, and the efforts which UNIDO is doing in Pakistan for the promotion of renewable energy and clean technologies. Mr. Alqararah reiterated UNIDO’s commitment to further strengthen the cooperation with MoIP and he said that we in UNIDO are looking forward to contribute further, particularly, in the areas of energy and Environment and its related facets for the Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development in the country.

The awards were distributed among the winners, the first award of US$20,000 was awarded and also 3 prizes of US$ 15,000 was given, Most Promising Woman-Lead Team’s prize was also given.

The ceremony was attended by more than 150 high ranking officials and dignitaries, Ambassadors, international donor agencies, and Representatives from government institutions including allied departments of MoIP, representatives from Industries, Ministry of Commerce, Climate Change Division, Chambers of Commerce and industry and private sector stakeholders and GEF cell.